I hate wearing a bra, it is impossible to find a comfortable one, I would do anything to avoid putting one on | The Sun

A WOMAN shared that she refuses to wear a bra because she finds them so uncomfortable.

TikToker Rebecca shared her thoughts on the undergarments in a short video.

She explained that she would do anything but wear a bra.

Rebecca said: "One thing about me is I will never wear a bra.

"It is impossible to wear a bra and be comfortable. I am a firm believer in letting the chi chis breathe.

"Wearing a crop top? Let them hang loose.

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"Insecure of your headlights? Put some scotch tape over them hoes.

"Worried other people will notice? Everyone has a pair of boobs. They are natural.

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"I will do anything but wear a bra. My girls will still be perky when I'm 50 AND I'm comfortable wherever I go."

The short clip has been liked more than 180k times from fellow TikTokers and gained almost 1.5k comments.

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A number of people disagreed, one said: "It's more comfortable for me to wear it."

Another said: "How am I supposed to run or even speed walk?"

A third said: "Am I the only one who is most comfortable with one on?"

Another said: "They won't be perky that's not how that works."

While another said: "I don't care if people wear one or not to be honest. I personally find it more comfortable with one."

But some did agree. One person said: "I kinda feel like, our bodies are made to hold themselves right? I feel like wearing a bra is a societal norm and not something every woman chose."

Another said: "Haven't worn one regularly in almost a year."

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