I have a 'Costco door' inside my kitchen pantry – it's seriously the best invention ever and makes life easier | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER has revealed the nifty little feature in her home that makes grocery shopping a breeze.

She joked that it may well be the best invention ever.

Danielle Nokes (@nokes_homedesign), an interior decorating whizz, shared the feature with her TikTok followers.

She walked into her kitchen to reveal a small door with a handle under her pantry: "I get asked all the time what this tiny door is," she said.

"It's called a Costco door and it leads right out into my garage," she said, swinging the door open to prove her statement.

A few were initially confused but quickly caught on: "Girl I thought you were opening the door to Costco," joked one viewer.

The door makes grocery shopping extremely easy, as all she has to do is place her groceries in the door, instead of lugging heavy weight into her home on multiple trips.

"All I have to do is open the tiny door, place the groceries inside, and voilà! They're ready for me," she said.

"It's seriously the best invention ever."

People were shocked by the door, with many wishing that they had one as well.

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"We're definitely building this in our house," said one convinced fan.

Others quickly lined up to get the door in their own homes: "Making my fiance build this for me," said another.

Others thought the door was way more functional to be called the "Costco door."

"Kids, that's my Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, HEB door," joked one viewer.

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