I have big boobs but wear low cut dresses with no bra – it's thanks to my hack which makes them look perkier than ever | The Sun

LOW cut dresses are usually out of the question if you've got big boobs, but one fashion fan found the perfect hack which means she can wear anything she wants.

Holly shared how she lifts and secures her boobs into place without needing a bra, and the results are pretty impressive.

Posting on her TikTok account @dollyholly86, the fashion fan donned a saucy brown dress with a plunging neckline, which she usually wouldn't wouldn't wear without a bra.

But after using lifting tape her boobs looked perkier than ever and were fully secure in the dress too.

After applying the tape to just one side of her size 38F bust, the difference left Holly stunned.

"This is my first ever dress I have bought where it's got an open front," she said.


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And even though she said she needs a bit more practice applying the tape to get a more symmetrical look, for a first try she was obsessed with the lifted look.

Even from the side view her boobs looked loads more perky just with a small amount of the tape, which she bought from Perky Pair.

"My only thing I have about this is that you need a multi pack because the tape can only be used once.

"You can't even reposition it, once it's on, it's on."

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The fashionista said she plans to order more of the handy tape so she can get more confident applying it and wear more low cut tops and dresses this summer.

She captioned the video: "Most magical product 10/10 for me."

Other fashion fans loved the simple trick too and some said they would try the tape out for themselves.

"Love the dress and you look amazing, I need both the dress and boob tape," one commented.

"I'll have a pack of 365," another wrote.

And another said: "You are stunning either way but us women really do feel better with these things, awesome! Might buy myself some."

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