HAVING big boobs means there are certain things you should be aware of when shopping for new bras.

A YouTuber revealed exactly what she learned from a professional bra fitter and how it changed the way she dresses.

India Batson is a fashion blogger with over 419,000 YouTube subscribers keeping up with her content.

In one of her videos, she discusses a common predicament women face when wearing bras that squeeze them in all the wrong places.

According to India, a professional bra fitter from Bloomingdale called her out for this exact issue.

She says: “The first thing that is of the utmost importance when finding clothes for yourself is what’s under your clothes… of course, that being your bra.

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“The first time I walked into Bloomingdale to get fitted for a bra, I walked in like, ‘I need help!’”

According to India, the Bloomingdale bra fitter quickly agreed that India needed help as she pointed out her boob spillage problem.

Although India admitted she felt embarrassed at first, she was grateful to receive the guidance.

If a bra is squeezing too tight and causing boob spillage, it's not the right bra for you.

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In her YouTube video, India shows her viewers what it looks like to wear an ill-fitting bra with the puffiness of her cleavage sitting over the bra’s lining.

The bra is visibly squeezing her in a way that doesn’t look smooth at all.

Right after that, India tries on a bra that properly fits her chest area.

“Finding a bra that fits you properly can give a minimizing effect to your chest area," she explains.

India’s YouTube video has received a lot of positive feedback in the comment section.

One person wrote: “I’m 59 and you have taught me so much in this video. I love your confidence and I wish that confidence on all the youth in the world.”

“I’m 32DD, 5’2, and an hourglass figure. I feel you, girl!" another person commented.

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"As a teenager who's been struggling with [big boobs], this video truly helped me out. Always love your videos!" a third person writes.

Another person says: "I literally always see info for smaller chested women, so this is so helpful for us larger chested ladies."

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