I have big boobs – strangers tell me to 'cover up' & make sexist comments, here's some of the worst I get | The Sun

ANYONE with big boobs is likely familiar with the sexist remarks and judgmental looks that can come anytime you wear anything less than a bulky sweater.

Whether you're male or female, young or old, gay or straight, this TikToker is not interested in what you have to say about her body.

TikTok user Anna Rose, known to her followers as Banana Mama Rose, shared the sexist comments strangers make to her about her large chest.

"POV: You're a girl with a bigger chest size," Anna captioned the beginning of the video.

She then went on to include a handful of the offensive and rude remarks complete strangers make to her.

"Honey, you should really cover up" is a phrase often said to her by elderly women.

Anna has also been told by men: "Let me handle those."

However, it's not just men and disapproving older women who make inappropriate comments.

According to Anna, many women make unsolicited remarks, such as: "Wow I'd do anything to have those."

The TikToker said strangers also feel entitled to ask what bra size she wears, or wonder aloud if her back hurts.

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Anna said has also had people ask her: "Are those even real? Let me see."

The TikTok user even experienced rude strangers referring to her boobs as "mommy milkies."

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