I have G-cup boobs & it’s a problem – I’ve cried in fitting rooms & shop workers always suggest I wear ugly grandma bras | The Sun

A WOMAN has spoken out on the struggles women with larger chests go through. 

Jen Warnes, who wears G-cup bra size, often uses her social media account to share her top tips and tricks as well as the experiences she goes through with followers. 

In one clip, she replied to someone’s comment, who said: “You poor thing, you’re so brave,” in what appeared to be a sarcastic tone. 

Jen said: “Just because you can’t relate to something as a problem doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. 

“And it doesn’t mean that you get to invalidate that issue for other people.” 

She went on to share some insight into the kind of cruel c comments she grew up hearing, including: “Your poor thing,” and “I wish I had those problems,” or “It must be so hard,” and “Want to trade?”

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Jen explained: “But crying in a fitting room because you can’t find a single thing that fits your body is a problem. 

“Being 13 and having to wear a baggy T-shirt over your swimwear at the beach on a family vacation because you couldn’t find a single thing that covered or supported you… is a problem.” 

She went on to say that even feeling like you can’t leave the house in anything low cut because people will think you’re “showing off” or “asking for it” is also a problem.

Jen said there are people who wear the wrong bra size their entire lives, too, because a lot of stores don’t know how to correctly fit a larger chest. 

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She said that people even resort to paying thousands of pounds to get their chests surgically altered via a breast reduction. 

TikTok user @itsjenwarnes continued: “When the solution is to physically and permanently alter our bodies, seeing our body as the thing that needs fixing and not the industry that’s failing to create clothing in sizes and styles that fit us shows how big of an issue this actually is.” 

In the caption, she added: “Not in the mood to have our collective lived experience invalidated right now.” 

Meanwhile, in another clip, Jen held up a beige, ugly-looking bra up and wrote: “When you are trying to find cut bras as  G+ cup and the sales associate keeps bringing you ugly beige grandma bras…” 

The voice over added: “Get the f**k away from me,” as Jen flung the bra away. 

People were quick to comment on her videos as one person wrote: “THANK U I’m so sick of people telling me “I’m so lucky” for my constant discomfort just because they’re insecure”.

Another said: “Struggling since age 13 – right there with you!”

A third posted: “thank you queen!!!! say it louder for the people in the back!!!”

While a fourth added: “this video literally made me cry [crying emoji] you are the only one who talks about it and gives solutions! you don't know how much you changed my life”. 

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