I have strawberry skin, stretch marks and cellulite, I still look beautiful in a bikini, it’s time to praise real bodies | The Sun

A CONTENT producer wants to lead from the front when it comes to normalizing so-called body flaws.

She has decided not to hide or disguise her strawberry skin or cellulite.

Even her stretch marks are gorgeous as far as she is concerned.

These features should not put anyone off from putting on a bikini because you still look beautiful, said Silvia Perez (@silviaperezmer).

It's time to praise real bodies because there is much to be celebrated.

This young lady has come through her own weight battles with amazing success.

Now she is on a mission to elevate imperfect bodies.

She has urged her followers to “join the self-love movement.”

Silvia, by showing her imperfections to her 186,000 followers, is hoping women will feel less shame and some pride.

“Real bodies during the summer," she said in her post, posing in a candy pink bikini.

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“My body looks like this but also like this," she said as the camera zoomed in, showing her stretch marks.

Silvia was owning them: "Your stretch marks, your cellulite, your strawberry skin is normal. You are beautiful," she said.

There were over 92,000 likes for her post and a lot of love, relief, and respect.

One commenter summed up the mood of many more: “Stretch marks on a lady isn’t a flaw, it’s a bonus.”

“Stretch marks are beautiful in my opinion," said another.

There was another fan here: “I personally think stretch marks on a lady are beautiful; it makes them unique, their own person.

This viewer was poetic: “I actually love my stretch marks. They kind of look like waves hitting sunlight.”

“These are not stretch marks, they are tiger stripes. You roar, sis," was a refreshing perspective.

And this commenter saw nothing but gorgeousness: “Stretch marks are beauty marks. Nothing to hate. Just beauty.”

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