I know I’m a controversial mum but I don’t care that my baby has no routine or eats chocolate – it’s my choice | The Sun

EVERY mum has their own parenting style when it comes to raising their children. 

From being strict with routines, or more relaxed with the types of foods they eat – everyone has different thoughts on how you should and shouldn’t parent. 

And one mum has shared her “controversial” style when it comes to raising her first born. 

Beth, who goes by the name of ‘everythingbethhh' on TikTok, is a single mum raising her son. 

Beth has taken to her social media page to share a video which shows how she brings her son up. 

She first starts off by saying how she isn’t afraid to let her son be with her dog. 



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Beth says: “I’ve never kept the dog away from him – even as a newborn. 

“I want him to grow up loving animals as much as I do and the dog needs to learn how to be around him.”

Her second point she makes about her parenting style is that she is a fan of “danger play.” 

Beth continues: “He gets to explore and climb whatever he wants, I’ll only intervene if there is a risk he will get hurt if I don’t do something.”

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Beth also explains that she co-sleeps with her son.

She says: “At his cost he’ll keep a maximum of 40 minutes at a time, in my bed he’ll sleep three to four hours at a time.”

Beth says that she has continued to feed her nine month old son a bottle during the night between 2-4am.

She adds that she doesn’t have a “meal schedule” either. 

Beth continues: “I just look for hunger queues, he can eat as much or little as he likes.”

And she doesn’t have a “nap schedule” either. 

“I just watch for sleep queues even if that means he naps at 5/6pm.. He’ll just go to bed later,” she says.

“Bath him no more than twice a week unless he’s gotten extra messy during the day.

“He’s allowed chocolate, ice cream; just small amounts but I’m happy for him to try anything and share my treats, desserts too.”

Finally Beth explains that she is reaping all the benefits from “contact napping.” 

She says: “I will soak in all the cuddles as much as I can before he doesn’t want anymore. “Also helps me slow down”

The video has attracted loads of attention, with many rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “Contact naps were my favourite. My son had never napped or fallen asleep without being on me until he was 9 months then didn't want the cuddles.”

Another added: “For once a real mama that doesn't make me feel bad for half of these things I do too!!”

To which Beth replied: “Yessss! We’re all doing our best mama.”

A third said: “You’ve made me feel so much better, mum shaming needs to stop as long as baby is happy and healthy that’s all what matters”.

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Beth replied with: “This is so true, don’t understand why people mum shame!”

A fourth added: “Exactly how I’ve done it too, except I wish I contacted napped more!! But 3 years in and she’s a perfect girl.”

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