I lost 50 lbs – my 'lazy girl' dinner tastes just like McDonald's but is way healthier | The Sun

IF you're on a weight loss journey but find yourself craving a McDonald's, this might be the meal for you.

A TikToker has shared her "lazy girl" dinner that tastes just like the brand's famous McChicken.

In her video, TikTok user MaKayla (@makayla_thomas_fit) demonstrated how to make an "easy meal for busy people on a weight loss journey."

In the clip's caption, she explained: "[This is] an extremely quick and realistic meal I make when I'm low on time and groceries."

MaKayla revealed that she ate the meal while she was on her own weight loss journey.

She told her followers that she lost 50 pounds, showing them a before and after shot of her transformation.

For her first step, she took two slices of multi-grain bread and cut them into circles.

She then added a veggie chicken fillet with a scrape of light mayonnaise.

MaKayla encouraged her viewers to use any low-calorie sauce they prefer.

She added a handful of shredded lettuce to the healthy chicken sandwich.

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After adding a side salad and smiley mashed potato shapes, she tucked into her low-calorie meal.

MaKayla called the handy sandwich her "lazy girl McChicken."

The health food and fitness fanatic told her audience: "Eat food you love and crush your goals."

MaKayla's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the recipe.

"OMG, why didn’t I think of making buns out of my regular bread? So helpful!!" wrote one viewer.

Another follower said: "This bun hack is amazing. I live in a rural area and can get Sara Lee bread but can never find low-calorie buns!!"

"Homegirl, these meals SLAP! [I'm] 15 pounds down," commented a third person.

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