I love my engagement ring but it's not a diamond -people say my man should've spent more to prove his love | The Sun

A WOMAN has slammed trolls who say her bloke should've forked out more money on her engagement ring.

Claudia Oprya, hit back at haters after she shared that her ring is made from moissanite, not diamond.

Despite the stone being a fraction of the price of diamond and near identical, the 25-year-old faced harsh comments about the ring.

The thing is, her fiance hardly skimped out on the rock, in fact he forked out $4,600 (£2.5k) for the design, Daily Star reports.

The Sydney-based influencer ranted online about people who think her ring isn't good enough.

"I'm sick and tired of women bullying other women for thinking that their engagement ring is worth less because it cost less because it cost less money," she said.


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"An engagement ring should cost whatever is financially viable at the time for you and your partner," she added.

Her own 4.5 carrot moissanite ring renatures 0.9 carrot stones on each the band and looks stunning.

Claudia explained that it's not fair to expect your fella to "fork out all their life savings to buy you a $10,000 engagement ring."

When picking out her own ring Claudia confessed that she picked one under budget because she knew "that money would be better spent elsewhere."

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The TikTok user slammed people who think engagement rings need to be expensive to prove their love.

She said: "If your partner loves you and cares for you and did they best they could, that's the most importnat thing."

Viewers agreed with her point, and one person commented: "It's not the ring – it's the person giving it."

"I actually prefer a cheaper ring for fear that it'll be lost or stolen, it'll be just as pretty," someone else wrote.

A third said: "Mine was $50 and means more to me than any massive diamond could."

"Totally agree, we put out money towards a great honeymoon and didn't put ourselves into debt for either," another said.

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