I only have one boob – trolls tell me to ‘fix it’ with surgery, but they aren’t the boss of me | The Sun

A CONFIDENT woman isn't letting trolls bring her one asset down.

Becca Butcher gets told she needs to fix her single boob situation with surgery, but she'll never listen to the haters.

The honest TikToker (@beccabutcherx) disclosed why she only has one boob in a recent video.

She sat on her bed in a long V-neck short-sleeve dress that exposed her cleavage.

Becca pointed to her chest and said: "I was born with a rare deformity that means I only grew one boob."

The female creator was born with Poland Syndrome, "a disorder in which affected individuals are born with missing or underdeveloped muscles on one side of the body," according to Medline Plus.

And while she's been accustomed to her condition, even some doctors are still shocked to see her single breast.

Becca described them as eager to see her body when she's in their office for the first time.

"Every time I meet a new doctor," she said.

Other people ask her why she says "boob" singularly instead of "boobs" in the plural.

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In a different video, Becca clarified that the terminology she uses works for her, and that's why she will always say "boob."

The worst comment Becca receives is one that suggests she needs to fix her body.

She posted a TikTok to address the crude comment.

In the corner of the screen, Becca clipped a troll's remark that read: "Fix it, either one."

"I won't be 'fixing' my chest no matter how many strangers tell me to," she proclaimed.

Supporters backed her in the comment section.

"I feel like it’s actually really cool," one sweet individual wrote.

Another kind fan commented: "I love it. Makes you you. You put the U in unique and bea-U-tiful."

One experienced woman warned: "Please don't. I did, and I lost all the sensation in my nipples."

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