I quit my 9-5 to live off-grid – I have an 'outdoor bathroom,' it saves me money and is good for the plants | The Sun

A NATURE lover has found peace – and more money in her pocket – by living off-grid.

Her priorities include saving money – and the environment.

"If you've ever wanted to live a life where you could just quit your nine-to-five and connect with nature, and just be living like a human,like we're supposed to be living, immersed and connected and in-tune," said Carly (@rewildcarlyrose).

She not only swears by her self-sustaining ways but also teaches others how to get back to their roots.

According to Carly, her lifestyle offers the chance to learn foraging, fermenting, solar, homeschooling, and baking sourdough.

Other perks of having your own outdoor oasis include organic gardening, embracing the concept of minimalism, holistic DIYs, and crypto.

She also explained how you can learn to build a tiny home and most appealing of all – work from anywhere.

And that includes in the wild.

Some of her followers seemed to understand the way of life she was describing: "Like a human."

"Self-reliance, survival, and freedom could unify us all. If we let it," said another persuaded watcher.

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In a second video, Carly showed her outdoor, standalone compost toilet.

It might not be for the faint of heart but she described it as "better than a regular toilet."

The off-grid resident also relished the fact that her outside-of-the-box bathroom helped reduce dependence on plumbing as well as water usage.

And she seemed to have found even more fans of her natural living methods.

"You are the coolest person on TikTok," exclaimed one awed follower.

Another viewer was inspired by her water-saving ways: "You are so intelligent!"

The composting element was both cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly.

She explained how she was saving money and helping provide nutrients for the surrounding plants.

Carly also noted that the bathroom was a solution for when water is scarce.

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