I run a 'cougar squad' for women in their 40s – my aim is to get everyone in a bikini | The Sun

A WOMAN in her 40s has shared her secret for a better body and better life post-divorce.

She has had to learn the hard way though and wants to share her lessons with other women going through relationship break-ups.

Cougar Bikini Squad (@aszutowicz) has come through her divorce like a phoenix.

There are no ashes as far as she is concerned and she is now soaring with a post-divorce resurgence.

As anyone who has gone through a divorce, it can be an emotional wringer and often comfort can only come through a packet of cookies, a tub of ice cream, or a bottle of wine.

The weight piles on, only adding to the misery.

But it doesn't have to be like that, said this cougar: “I’m sharing the ‘secrets’ on how to overcome emotional testing during my divorce."

Her success story is demonstrated on her platform in a number of posts where she poses in a number of fetching bikinis.

Her aim is to get other women to go back to wearing a two-piece and feel good about themselves again.

In the process, they become fully signed up members of the "Cougar Bikini Squad."

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"I help divorced women lose weight without restrictive diets," she said.

The essence of her method is to show women in the throes of a long, drawn-out drama, how to "stop emotionally eating through a divorce."

She was joyful when a client at last put on a swimsuit after several decades of avoiding them.

“When my client is confident enough to finally wear a bikini in public for the first time in 40+ years,” she said in celebration.

Comments to her post loved the positivity of her message.

“The tears of bringing them there are priceless," said one viewer.

Another loved seeing the transformation in women: “Yes, giving them that confidence back. Love it," she said.

Finally, keep up the good work said this viewer: “You do what you want honey to hell with what anyone says. Enjoy," she said.

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