I spent $232 on 3 bikinis from Kim Kardashian’s Skims – I had 2 major issues so I returned them ALL | The Sun

NOW that Kim Kardashian has released a line of swimwear, some shoppers are curious to know more.

One woman posted her honest review of Kim's swimwear line – and admitted that she ultimately had to return every single item.

TikToker and fashion expert Shelby posted a video on TikTok with a lot to say about her purchases.

She says: "I definitely want to preface this video by saying I am from Maui so I grew up in a thousand different bikinis and I've bought from so many different swim brands.

"I know a little bit about bikinis as far as cuts, style, fabric, price, everything."

Shelby shows her viewers the three swimsuits she purchased before trying them on.

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"My first impression of the fabric is that it feels very stiff and rough," she says.

"I know from the fabric alone that if this is what was in my bikini drawer, I don't think I'd be reaching for it because it doesn't feel soft.

"I'm not really impressed with this fabric. I think it definitely could have been softer."

Shelby then gives her opinion about the cost of her purchases.

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She says: "I think these are at an amazing price point – especially considering the Skims quality that you're getting.

"I'm not mad at the price. It's definitely affordable and decent."

The first bikini Shelby tries on consists of the $38 Swim Triangle Top and the $36 Swim Dipped Tie Bottoms in the Cocoa color.

She describes it by saying: "I'm not 100% mad at this cut, just because I love string bikinis… again, it's just the fabric and the way that it sits on me – I'm not 100% a super fan."

Next, she tries on the $48 Swim Tank Bikini Top and the $36 Swim Dipped Mid Waist Bottoms in the Almond color.

"I like the top, but I probably wouldn't wear it myself because of the tan lines.

"The fabric makes sense with this top because it's contouring and supportive. I think it would be great for somebody with bigger boobs.

"The bottoms are cute [although] they're not exactly so flattering on me. They kind of bunch up in the middle on my butt shape."

Finally, she tries on the $38 Swim Bandeau Bikini Top and the $36 Swim Dipped Mid Waist Bottoms in a royal blue shade.

"The bottoms altogether are just meh to me. I think maybe the fabric could change [my opinion] if it was a different fabric.

"The top is whatever. It's just a bandeau top that can be very supportive I think for girls who have bigger boobs.

"Not really sure about the straps… they kind of just look like bra straps."

Shelby was sure to explain one of her main reasons for returning the swimsuits when she said: "On the fabric alone, I probably will not keep these.

"I'm such a fabric girl, and if my bikini is not comfortable and soft then I won't reach for it or want to wear it."

She also specified that her second main reason for not liking the swimsuits was the design of their cut.

"I'm very picky because I'm from Maui, so if my bikini is not perfect then… I'm just not really sold usually."

She ends her video by saying: "Sadly, I won't be keeping any of this. I'm excited to see what Skims does later on hopefully."

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