I spent £5.6k to get crooked teeth fixed in Turkey –  trolls say it's just a short-term solution, but I don't care | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared her Turkey teeth transformation – but people have warned her it's just a short-term fix.

You might notice that more and more Brits are travelling abroad to get their smile fixed in Turkey, as the cosmetic procedures tend to be half the price of those in the UK.

Amongst those who boarded a plane to get the phenomenon now dubbed as 'Turkey Teeth' was Kylie, a mum-of-three who shared her journey on TikTok.

According to Kylie, who had been ''dying'' to tell everyone about the experience, her pre-Turkey gnashers were ''pretty crooked''.

Unhappy with how how they looked and ''too impatient'' to use Invisalign to straighten out her pearly whites, the mum made the decision to head across the sea.

There, she explained in a short video, Kylie paid a whopping £5,600 for the new smile, which will need replacing in ten to 15 years.

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The pearly whites, which the mum got in clinic in Antalya, were £3,600 and the hotel, where she stayed for a week, set her back £2,000.

However, despite loving the results, the journey wasn't easy – after getting her natural teeth filled down to little pegs, the experts provided Kylie with temporary teeth.

Sharing an image of herself laying in a bed, the mum remembered being ''totally numb''.

''The temp [temporary] teeth are plastic version of your own teeth and [are] pretty uncomfortable.''

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Fortunately, the following day after the preparation, although her face was still swollen, Kylie experienced no pain in her mouth.

Since getting her crooked teeth fixed, the mum said she was finally ''living her best life".

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''I’m super pleased with them and have had literally no issues – no sensitivity or anything.''

Despite being aware that the pearly whites will have to be replaced, the mum was ''so happy'' she did it.

''No regrets at all!" she said.

But while many, like Kylie, loved the final look, there were also plenty of those pointing out it was just a short-term solution.

''They look great but these fixes are rarely effective in the long term. Hope yours are the exception,'' wrote one person.

Another commented: ''I do think they are a short term fad, but they look amaze.''

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Someone else penned: ''My inner dental nurse is crying.''

''Why are people still doing this. Mind boggling,'' a fourth wondered.

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