A SUCCESSFUL business woman has opened up on her impressive rise to the top and how she launched her own business aged 10 to become a millionaire fifteen times over. 

Isabel Bercaw and her older sister Caroline joined forces when they were just kids to form a bath bomb business called Da Bomb Bath Fizzers – and the rest is history.

The girls, from Minnesota in the US, were just 10 and 11 respectively when they got the idea for their business in 2015. 

Since, it’s grown and grown and has hit multi-millions of dollars in revenue and the pair, who dubbed themselves ‘sisterpreneurs’ were even included on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2018.

Speaking in 2019 in a YouTube video, Isabel and Caroline explained how they had started the business from their basement and, four years later, had made a whopping 20 million dollars, aka 15 million pounds.

And the siblings, who have also launched a book with their own bath bomb recipes, revealed they only went to school part-time so they could focus on taking their business from strength to strength. 

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They explained: “We only go to school half time because we learn a lot at the business and we have half days so that we can come and work.”

They went on to say that they spend a considerable amount of time in their “family office”, alongside their supportive mum Kim and dad Ben who both work for the company as CEO and COO/CFO.

Speaking about how she’s seen her daughters expand and succeed the business, mum Kim explained it all began when they entered a local art fayre.

She said: “They had a little eight foot table which cost them $25 to enter. They spent the entire summer making about 150 bath bombs.

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“I thought they might not sell – that was my worst fear, that no-one would buy any.

“But when we got to the art fayre, people started coming up and asking questions and talking to them, even before they were set up.

Isabel then took over and continued: “By tht end of the first day, because it’s a two day event, we had sold out of bath bombs. 

“We actually did it two years in a row and, on the second year, we were approached by a local salon as the salon owner wanted to put our products in his store.

Before we knew it, we were in so many stores that our parents had to help us complete orders

“Little by little, we started to get our products into more and more stores and, before we knew it, we were in so many stores that our parents had to help us complete orders.”    

As of 2019, Da Bomb Bath Fizzers has a warehouse, complete with a photo room, and over 200 employees working for them. 

The girls also revealed that during their peak season they make over a million bath bombs a month. 

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Speaking about their journey and how others can do it too, Isabel encouraged others to dream big too. She said: “My top piece of advice would be that you have to find a sense of fearlessness.

“Because if you’re always afraid that things are going to go wrong, your business is never going to succeed.” 

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