I stopped wearing bras in high school & my circle secret means you can too – but people are distracted watching my hack | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared a fashion hack that she said she'd been using since she was a kid but some people are more focused on something other than the hack.

The Canada-based TikTok creator shared a video on the app showing her followers a "no-show bra hack" she has used since high school.

As she explained her no-bra hack that involves wearing the padding from swimsuit tops under shirts in her video, Cassie (@cassiefajilan) stopped mid-sentence to throw a toy for her dog.

She told her viewers: "Wait one second" before throwing something for her dog, which wasn't in the video frame, and telling the pup to "go fetch."

Cassie continued describing how her hack worked noting that she peels the fabric off of one side of the padding so that the foam is exposed.

"What that does is that it clings to the fabric of whatever top you're wearing and gives you that little seamless, no-bra look."

At the end of her descriptive video, she held her cute little doggie up with a big smile for viewers to see.

Though the video received more than 8,000 likes, not everyone cared about her hack with someone commenting: "the dog>>>>this hack," saying the dog was more interesting than the hack she shared.

Another person was too distracted by her gorgeous hair.

They said: "What do u use to get ur hair looking so silky queen!"

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Someone who actually listened to her instructions told Cassie: "My swimsuits only come with the foam side," with a sad face crying.

Cassie replied: "That still works!!!"

She added: "The foam helps keep the padding stay in place bc it clings to the fabric of [your] top," with a smiley face.

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