I thought I'd nailed it with a gift for my kid's teacher – everyone says it’s 'super creepy' but I’m giving it anyway | The Sun

A MUM who thought she'd come up with the perfect gift for her son's teacher was left questioning it when she was told it was "super creepy".

Jordyn took to her TikTok page to explain she'd had second thoughts about the gift when her seven-year-old daughter weighed in on it.

"Here’s the gift," she said in the video.

"It’s like this wooden wall hanging thingy, with a picture of her and her significant other.

"Me and his teacher aren’t friends on Facebook but I just looked her up and used her default picture – it was recently taken.

"I was like, ‘Do you think she’ll like it?’ And my seven-year-old said: ‘I think she would have if it wasn’t a super creepy thing to do’.

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"I didn’t think it was that creepy – it’s her default picture on Facebook – I thought it was a nice bit of detective work to get a sweet gift.

"And she was like, ‘Yeah, she might think of it like that, or she might be super creeped out.’"

When her husband got home, she showed him the photo gift, at which point he asked her where she's got the snap from.

"So I said it was her profile picture on Facebook and he said, ‘That’s super weird, you know that, right? That’s creepy'," Jordyn continued.

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"But I’ve already got this now, I’ve already paid for it, and I don’t have another gift for her and I’m going tomorrow morning. I don’t know, I think I’m just going to go for it, if it’s weird, it’s weird."

People quickly took to the comments section to have their say, with one writing: "As a teacher, I’d be creeped out.

"Just because we are teachers doesn’t mean our private lives should be infringed on."

As another added: "Yeah…I would be super creeped out.

"I worry about the people in the comments who say it's not weird. Y'all need boundaries."

Others called for a reaction video, with Jordyn obliging with another TikTok.

In the second video, she explained she'd given the teacher a "heads up" that she might consider the gift creepy.

"When she saw the gift she lit up," she said.

"She was like  ‘oh my gosh, my fiancé’s going to love this, I don’t think this is creepy at all. We have not gotten anything made from our engagement pictures. I love it so much.’"

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"Then I was thinking she could just be being nice but then she messaged me."

The message read: "I just wanted to let you now that my fiancé loved the picture. Not creepy at all!"

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