I told my sister her baby son's name is ugly & made him sound like a dog – she's fuming but I'm being honest, it’s awful | The Sun

A WOMAN told her sister she thought the baby name she picked out for her boy sounded like a dog's name.

The mum-to-be, 20, was fuming with her sister's "rude" response to the suggested name.

The sister explained that she did apologies but worried that her replied had been so strong that she'd been an "a******".

Taking to Reddit, she said: "My sister 'A' is currently pregnant and is expecting a boy.

"A few days ago she sent me and my sister 'M' a message asking if the name 'Kalypso' sounds ugly and I responded, 'sounds like a dogs name'.

"Mind you I have been suggesting names for the baby since she asked us for help.

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"I eventually told her to name her baby whatever she wanted since it’s her baby. 'A' got offended and said I was very rude, I quickly apologised if I came across being rude but she wasn’t having it.

"We haven’t spoken since then."

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Fellow Redditors were quick to share their thoughts on the family dispute.

One person said: "Calypso is usually spelled with a C rather than a K in English. She's a nymph who kept Odysseus captive for sexual services, but you know that.

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"This would be a very unusual choice for a baby boy."

Another said: "I feel like 'do you realise you’re naming your son after a mythological sex slaver' would be a much more convincing argument than 'sounds like a dog’s name'."

A third said: "Calypso is also a genre of music here in the Caribbean."

Another said: "I literally know a cat named Calypso."

While another said: "Calypso is literally my dogs name lol."

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