I tried on my old cheerleading uniforms and can still fit into one I wore when I was nine – I can't believe it | The Sun

IT'S been a good few years since she's worn the uniform.

But Macy Villeneuve decided to give herself a laugh by trying on her old cheerleading uniforms, and she documented the progress in a video on her TikTok page.

"Trying on old cheer uniforms," she wrote over her video.

She began with the competitive cheer uniform she'd worn between third and fifth grade – between the ages of seven to 10 – a blue, white and black long-sleeved crop top and skirt.

And while the skirt was much shorter than it would have been when Macy was a child, the uniform otherwise fit her.

"It’s very sad I still fit into my 4th grade uniform," she wrote in the video caption.

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Next was her 6th to 7th grade competitive cheer uniform – a wet look blue, black and silver long sleeved top and skirt.

For 7th to 8th grade cheerleading, she wore a blue, black and white sleeveless dress.

And for her freshman year cheerleading, it was a white sleeveless top and skirt.

"We all rolled the skirt on my freshmen year uniforms," she added in the caption.

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"They look to fit perfectly. Nice," one person commented on the video.

As another added: "lol how does anyone fit in to anything from 4th grade?"

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"How do they still fit u?" a third questioned.

"Your arms were that long in 5th grade??" someone else asked.

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