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A FORMER employee of the cult favourite make-up brand Charlotte Tilbury has spilled the beans on the company, sharing a controversial thing all staff members had to follow.

Over the years, Charlotte Tilbury has become one of the biggest make-up giants in the world, with a massive fan base. But what is it like working for the company?

Well, one former employee, Maggie A., from the UK, has taken to TikTok to share the less known secrets – and turns out, there were strict policies to follow.

According to Maggie, the brand took appearance ''very seriously'' – and it applied to those heading for their shifts too.

In her video, the stunner claimed that you had to wear a full face of make-up – but there were high standards to meet.

''If they weren't happy, they would literally tell you to go and change your make-up or apply more depending on what they weren't happy with.''

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This, she said, would ''p**s'' her off.

''How are you gonna tell me I can't do my job properly because I've not got enough eyeliner on? Like, it doesn't make any sense.''

Another requirement, Maggi went on, was ensuring your outfit of the day matched the make-up look you were going for – however, the managers would not be as ''strict'' about this.

Meanwhile, when it came to photo shoots for adverts and new launches, it wasn't just make-up artists doing the looks – on occasions, the face behind the successful brand, Charlotte Tilbury, would arrive with a helping hand too.

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''She used to make sure everything was perfect.''

In terms of employee benefits, Maggie said that staff members would get an in-house make-up training, as well as ''so much free make-up given to you''.


''And anything else you wanted to buy, it'd be 70 per cent off.''

Needless to say, fellow make-up lovers couldn't believe how much the employees could save.

One exclaimed: ''70 percent wow!''

Another said: ''Thanks for sharing.''

Someone else chucked: ''I wanna work for Charlotte tilbury now.''

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