I wanted a tattoo of my son's name but didn't realise the epic fail until it was way too late, it’s so awkward | The Sun

SHE wanted a lasting tribute to her son.

But when one mum got a tattoo of her little boy's name, she was left fuming because she didn't realise there was one major error.

She took to TikTok to share a video explaining the mistake, as she said: "Worst case scenario when getting someone’s name tattooed on you.

"Come on, quickly, what is it? It’s not breaking up. It’s spelling it wrong.

"Now imagine you’re going to go and get your children’s names tattooed on you, and you don’t realise after looking at all the stencils to pick the right size that it’s spelled wrong.

"They place the stencil, you still don’t f**king see it.

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"They tattoo the f**king thing on you and you still don’t see it!"

She said that she didn't notice the spelling mistake until she took the bandage off to take pictures of her new tattoo.

"And it’s not until you take the bandage off and you go to take pictures of it that you see that your son’s name is spelled wrong for an eternity… on your f**king arm," she said.

Instead of saying Sean Michael, the tattoo was spelled Sean Micheal.

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She wasn't the only one to have a spelling error on a name tattoo though, with people taking to the comments section to reveal their own errors.

"This happened on my husband spelt our sons name wrong so he got laser to fix it," one wrote.

"My dad asked my son to spell his name so he can go get it tattooed well he did," another commented.

"And my child spelt it wrong."

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"so you gonna legally change the spelling, get a cover/fix, or let it ride?" someone else asked.

To which the woman replied: "OR MAYBE A BLACK BAR?!? I haven’t decided yet."

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