I wanted glam acrylic nails but it was a fail – it’s not been 24 hours & I’m taking them off – they look like candle wax | The Sun

THERE’S nothing worse than spending money thinking you’re going to get a stunning manicure, only to leave the salon feeling disappointed with your new nails, right?

Well, unfortunately for one 21-year-old beauty fan, that’s exactly what happened. 

In the hope of keeping up with the latest trends, the young woman decided to visit a nail technician for a glamorous set of long, acrylic nails.

With a stylish vision in mind, the youngster showed her nail expert what she wanted, as she asked for a bold set of square off-white acrylics.

However, she was left horrified with the nails she actually got, as they didn’t look anything like what she had asked for.

The woman took to social media to show off her manicure blunder, leaving many open-mouthed.

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In the short clip, the woman shared a picture of the nails she asked for, followed by a snap of the nails she was given.

Alongside the clip, the woman attached an audio that said: “I’m literally crying over my nails right now, cause they’re so ugly.

“This is what I wanted, ok? This is the pastels?”

She then shared a picture of her nails after the appointment, as the audio continued: “And this is what I got.”

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Not only were the woman’s nails not the same colour as she had hoped but they were also incredibly messy around the cuticles too.

If that wasn’t enough, the nails weren’t totally straight either.

The beauty fan later revealed: “Haven’t had them [for] 24 hours [and I’m] taking them off already.”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @shakirahipsdolie__, has clearly left many stunned, as it has quickly amassed a staggering 308,500 likes and 2,066 comments.

Social media users were gobsmacked at the woman’s nails and were eager to share their thoughts on the viral fail in the comments.

One person said: “You most definitely did that yourself cause ain't no way.”

Another added: “You paid for this??”

A third commented: “Omg I would cry.”

At the same time, someone else penned: “Gurlll get your money back.” 

Meanwhile, someone else shared: “Looks like candle wax.” 

Whilst another claimed: “It looks like cake frosting.” 

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Another TikTok user wrote: “THAT LOOKS LIKE CORNSTARCH.” 

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