I was burnt out when I picked my daughter’s name, four months on I hate it – I cringe every time I have to say it | The Sun

A MUM has revealed that she hates the baby name she picked for her daughter so much that she cringes every time she has to say it.

Picking a baby name comes with a lot of pressure as you know your child will be stuck with it for life.

But one mum, who confessed she was 'burnt out' when she picked her daughter's name now thinks it doesn't suit her at all.

Taking to Mumsnet, the mum confessed that she can't stand the name she picked out and wanted to change it despite her partner being happy with the name.

She wrote: "We had a baby girl 4 months ago, and I really struggled to pick out a name.

"I was experiencing burnout at work and was just feeling very frazzled in the lead-up to birth."


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The couple ended up picking out the name Mia – but the mum now wants to change her name to Isla as she thinks it will suit her daughter more.

The mum continued: "We ended up picking Mia after LOTS of deliberation, but I now really don't think the name suits her and want to change to Isla.

"My SO is against changing as he says he's bonded with the name Mia."

However, the mum is so against the name she's picked that she cringes anytime she has to say it or hear it being spoken.

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She added: "But whenever I hear it being spoken, I really cringe (no offense to the name at all, it's just what I've got in my head)."

The mum revealed that her family says the names are similar and that she should just keep it to Mia.

But the mum was clearly not convinced as she asked Mumsnet users what she should do.

The post was inundated with comments with many wondering if it was about the name at all.

One wrote: "I agree. It's a symptom of a much bigger problem and if you changed her name you'd likely obsess over something else because ultimately the name isn't the problem."

Another person commented: "They are both very popular, perfectly nice, and quite similar names, so it seems surprising you’d feel so strongly about changing them."

Meanwhile, a third added: "Ultimately, it has to be a joint decision, really. It seems unlikely that Mia wouldn't suit her but Isla would? They are similar sounds and styles, if that sets your mind at rest."

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