I was fat shamed on my first day at work when someone commented on my lunch, I was in disbelief | The Sun

IT'S always nerve-wracking when you start a new job – fearing you'll do something wrong, and wondering if you'll get on with your new colleagues.

And it took just hours until Abbie discovered one of her co-workers' true feelings about her, when she fat shamed her on her lunch break.

"I started a new job in a new store, like retail wise, and I went to get my meal deal on my lunch break," Abbie recalled in a video on her TikTok page.

"I took it upstairs – this was like my first or second day. And it was only a little staff room so there weren’t many people around.

"One of my new colleagues came up while I was eating, because there was a little office next to it too, and she glanced over and I’d bought myself a salad with like croutons and stuff like that.

"And someone was sharing the sweets on the table."

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When Abbie had finished her salad, she took a wine gum off the table.

"And she went, ‘Ohh, but you were doing so well with your healthy eating, and now you’ve gone and ruined it with a sweet'," Abbie remembered

"At the time I wasn’t very outspoken but I couldn’t help just look at her in absolute disbelief and say, ‘But I wasn’t trying to be good, I just wanted a salad’."

But "apparently the message didn't come across".

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And as the woman was leaving the room, she pointedly said: "Yeah, we all try and convince ourselves we like salads when we’re trying to lose weight."

"What the f**k?!" Abbie concluded.

People in the comments section were quick to recall their own similar situations, with one writing: "My colleague checks my food in the work fridge and if ever i have fruit or salad she'll come and say 'ooo, on a health kick are we!'"

"I love salads so much and I’m plus-size," another commented.

"why are they associated with healthy eating, they can have more calories than a burger?"

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As a third recalled: "My trousers split at work and the lovely staff member said that has never happened to her because she is so thin."

"WHAT!!!! I’m so sorry someone said that to you. It’s awful!!" Abbie replied.

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