I was food-shamed for my scrambled eggs cooking method – people say it looks like ‘sick’, it’s perfect | The Sun

SCRAMBLED eggs are a classic dish you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

But when one foodie showed off their method for cooking the eggs people slammed her and said she deserves jail for it.

Azure MacCannell shared a clip of her whisking the eggs ready to make the grub on Instagram.

"I was today years old when I learned you can cook scrambled eggs in boiling water," she said.

Once the eggs were whisked together she stirred the boiling water and poured them straight into the pan.

"It's like poached eggs and egg drop soup collided," she raved.


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"If you're trying to reduce butter/oil, this is a great cooking hack for scrambling eggs," she added.

Her so-called hack quickly went viral on Instagram, racking up 17.2 million views.

But not everyone was impressed with her cooking method, and some even said the cooked eggs looked "like sick."

One commented: "Just because it's possible doesn't mean it should be done."

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"I'm not a fan of booger textured eggs," a second slammed.

A third said: "I almost threw up."

Another mused: "Why would you want wet eggs?"

And someone else quipped: "Disrespectfully, no. Absolutely not."

But some people like the idea, one wrote: "I thought this was cool, you could strain it and throw it over rice with some scallions."

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