I weigh 235lbs & have an ‘apron belly’ – my favorite jeans are supportive without making your body feel 'squeezed' | The Sun

A SIZE 16 fashion lover has revealed her clever styling tip to conceal the dreaded 'apron belly.'

She said her trip doesn't involve compressive under garments, but rather a flattering pair of pull-on jeans.

Bonnie Wyrick is a digital content creator who covers clothing in her sizes — 14 and 26 depending on the piece.

She took to TikTok to reveal her latest holy grail for keeping an apron belly in check.

First, she showed her midsection to the world, explaining that she has a big belly.

"I like to feel a little supported," she said while rubbing her tummy.

She pulled the jeans over her midriff which immediately gave her a more contoured look.

"These are stretchy," she said of the pants. "These are comfortable."

"I refuse to be like squeezed and uncomfortable," she added. "This is not that."

The style enthusiast demonstrated that the garment is also versatile, showing off her kicking abilities to the camera.

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"I have a nice little overhang because of my two beautiful little babies," she shared. "And some weight gain."

An apron belly is a possible postpartum side-effect. The rapid stretching of the skin during and after pregnancy can lead to loose skin that hangs.

While shape wear along the lines of Skims, Spanx, and other brands provide more fashionable options, some don't enjoy the feel of compressive undergarments.

Wyrick's find is a pair of vintage-style jeans from Spanx, retailing for $118 and requiring no additional shape wear because the compression is built-in.

Viewers shared their thoughts on the look in the comment section.

"Always gorgeous and never compromise comfort," one wrote.

"You are so beautiful and inspiring to me," another added. "Thank you."

"Wait the flare is a vibe I’m buying immediately," a third commented.

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