I went into labour and immediately fake tanned even though the contractions killed…I needed to look pretty for the birth | The Sun

GOING into labour is a very daunting thought for many new mums.

For the majority of mums-to-be, their first thought isn't about how they look.

But for one soon-to-be mum, she explained that she wanted to look pretty for the birth of her son.

The young mum revealed that the first thing she did before going into hospital to give birth was to make sure her tan looked perfect. 

Posting on TikTok under the username @opie_theasianshepherd, a young brunette woman claimed that she had started having painful contractions, but before getting her bag ready for the hospital, made sure to get herself fake tanned for the big event.

The woman posted a clip, holding her three-week old beautiful baby boy in her arms. 

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Reflecting on the birth, she said: “Thinking about three weeks ago when I started contracting bad and realised I was in labour and rather than make sure I had my stuff ready for the hospital, I fake tanned so I looked prettier when giving birth.”

She paired the clip with an audio that sang: “I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind.” 

But while the mother wanted to look brilliant for the birth, she then confirmed: “And I still looked a mess.”

Her video has clearly impressed many, as it was posted just three days ago, but it has quickly racked up 90.1k views.

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It has 1,819 likes, 32 comments and 68 shares. 

Many TikTok users were complimentary of the woman and aimed to do the same when they are ready to give birth.

One woman posted: “Queen.”

Whilst someone else noted: “Goals 🤍”

Meanwhile, many other parents revealed that they too wanted to look good giving birth and many went to extreme lengths to do so. 

One person said: “I was straightening my hair and applying make up with contractions 3 mins apart 😂 got to be done!” 

Another added: “My water broke and contractions were 3 min apart. But I wash and blow dried my hair, changed my bedding and cleaned the kitchen. 😂”

A third commented: “I did this and put a full face of makeup on before I went to hospital. 😅 priorities 🤗” to which the social media user replied “😂😂 Love it! ❤️”

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Someone else noted: "Ahahaha I did this, and got my lashes done too😭"

Meanwhile, one woman claimed: "Oh don’t, I was stuck in the bath trying to make myself look presentable, she did comment on how soft my legs were though 🤣"

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