I went to a Christmas market that's been voted one of the best in the UK – I had high hopes but it was just depressing | The Sun

IT'S been voted one of the best Christmas markets in the UK.

But a man who visited the market in Bath was left sorely disappointed by what he found – labelling it "depressing".

"So Christmas markets are great, until you turn up at the Bath Christmas Market," he began the video on his Chasing the Dream TikTok page.

"For starters, it don't feel like a Christmas market.

"It just feels like a normal market with maybe a few Christmas decorations up..

"There's no Christmas music on."

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He noted that instead of street performers playing Christmas songs, they were playing Coldplay and Eva Cassidy.

"Yeah, it's really not the best Christmas market we've ever been to," he continued.

"It's probably the actually the worst Christmas market that we've ever been to.

"Except it is showing up on the top 10 Christmas markets of the UK!

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"I mean, a doughnut stand is actually quite nice looking before the Christmas decorations.

"And then you do have a little Christmas store over in the corner here which has got a few Christmas decorations for sale."

Concluding his video, he added: "All I know is it's a very depressing Christmas market.

"No one seems to be happy, no one's spending any money."

And lots of people in the comments section agreed with his assessment of the market.

"Bath Christmas market is the reason I hate Christmas markets, utter rubbish," one person wrote.

"Bath itself is lovely though."

"I felt exactly the same last year, i wouldn’t go again," another added.

"Cost of living tight council," a third wrote.

To which the man replied: "Couldn't believe they exchanged Christmas music for depressing Coldplay!"

"I agree this year was terrible, and I went in the evening," someone else commented.

"Went yesterday.. all i wanted was a german beer and they had no beer stall," another raged.

"Over hyped and over priced," someone else agreed.

"I went last weekend and it was literally hell so so busy you couldn't see or move, what we did see wasn't christmassy at all, won't go again," another insisted.

But others defended the market, insisting he hadn't seen the best side of it.

"This is only a very small part of the market – it’s spread out across the city," one wrote.

"You need to go at night too, they usually have carol singers too!"

"To each their own!" another said.

"I had a lovely time last week. Very festive and great small business stalls."

"Think you’ve massively under valued the Xmas market at bath, you’re literally in a small area of it," a third commented.

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To which the man responded: "We walked all over the town looking for that Christmas atmosphere but nothing.

"No Christmas music or the merry Christmas feeling."

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