A WOMAN who works at a vets has revealed the six breeds of dog she'd never own.

Marge Handley, who works in vet med, took to TikTok and detailed the dogs she'd never want to own as a pet and the reasons why.

And it may come as a surprise that first on the list is the much-loved Basset Hound.

"Too dumb for their own good," she warned.

Next up is the Husky – a naturally loud breed.

"Not a fan of opera," Marge quipped.


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After also noting how she'd avoid the "crusty white dog" for reasons she felt she didn't need to explain, Marge then moves onto the

"More threatening than any bully breed," she warns.

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And despite being loved by families with kids, she also details why she'd never get a Golden Retriever.

"The only breed I have ever been purposely bit by on multiple occasions," Marge explains.

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The final breed on Marge's list is the Labrador.

"Scalped me on the pavement," Marge notes.

The post has since racked up an impressive 143,000 views and been flooded with comments – but not everyone was in agreement with her views.

"Listen, Basset Hounds are so so precious, don't come for them, what they lack in brains they make up for in love," wrote one.

A second commented: "My Golden is the biggest love bug and best friend to all animals and people. I'm sorry you've only met mean ones."

A third penned: "Shocked Goldens are here. My girl is the sweetest. I swore I’d never choose another breed."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Okay listen.. my basset is so SMART but so stubborn it’s ridiculous."

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Another added: "I get why vets may not love a Chi. But if you want a sweet, funny, wonderful dog they are for you. Mine is the sweetest baby EVER! They just don’t."

And a further quipped: "Leave those precious Bassets out of this!"

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