I work at H&M & customers always say the same things – I repeat myself constantly, the changing room rule is the worst | The Sun

ANYONE who has worked in retail will know that it’s not an easy job. 

One sales assistant has revealed some of the conversations she has had with customers and other retail workers saying they are tired of repeating themselves. 

TikTok account user tegangrayson has shared some of the annoying conversations she has with customers whilst working in H&M. 

In a video online she said: “POV – You work at H&M."

The first conversation she recounts is with a customer at the tills. 

When Tegan asks if the customer is a member they rudely reply. 

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“Can you stop asking me that, yo uask me that everytime I come in here?”

At the end of the transaction Tegan asks if the customer wants a bag

They say: “No”

After handing the customer their clothes they say: “I wanted a bag.”

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Next Tegan recounts some conversations she has whilst managing the changing rooms in H&M. 

Tegan explains H&M has a six garment limit policy in changing rooms. 

She says: “So it's only six  items in the fitting room at once. But if you give me the other four you can come back and get them after.”

But not all customers are pleased with the policy. 

One customer said to Tegan: “Well that's stupid can I not just take all 10 in?”

Tegan also explained how one customer wanted to bring her boyfriend in the changing room with her.

Tegan said: “Your boyfriend can’t go in the fitting room with you unfortunately.”

The customer said: “But I want him to see the clothes that I am trying on.”

Tegan tried to offer a solution.

She said: “Yeah couples just aren’t allowed in the fitting room so he will have to sit out here and wait. But you can come out and show him after you have tried them on.”

The customer replied: ”But I’m not comfortable doing that. I want him to come into the fitting room with me.”

Tegan's video gained over 205,00 viewers. 

Other sales assistants said they had similar conversations in their jobs. 

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One commenter said: “I say we don’t keep anything in the back at least 10 times a shift.”

Another commenter said: “Our store had no signal, the amount of time people would stand there trying to load their membership i just stopped asking if they were a member tbh.”

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