I work at Premier Inn and there's a complaint we all really hate dealing with – it’s toe-curling for anyone in the hotel | The Sun

A PREMIER INN employee shared the customer complaint that all hotel workers find the most awkward to deal with.

Taking to TikTok, influencer Wayne Miles, explained the toe-curling situation that he always dreads.

He filmed himself dancing down a hallway in a Premier Inn as he shared the difficult complaint.

Wayne said: "Gets a noise complaint. Me on the way to tell the guest to turn their TV down. Guest opens door. Me realising the TV isn't on."

He rounded off the message with a laughing face emoji.

He added: "Oh my days, if you work in the hotel industry, you would know this is one of the most awkward situations to ever be in – like seriously."

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Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the funny video.

One person said: "But I thought that's why we go to hotels!"

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Another said: "Yesss, it’s even more awkward when they don’t listen and you have to go back a second time."

A third agreed: "Hotel worker for seven and a half years and it doesn't stop being awkward."

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Another said: "Used to work there and it happened so many times."

While another person had been on the other end of the situation and confirmed it was awkward for both parties.

They said: "The shameee! Don’t worry it’s just as awks receiving that knock on the door. Trust."

Another said: "Honestly I just have no shame. If you put us on the business floor without request… it’s not our fault."

A third said: "Even more embarrassing being the guest receiving the knock."

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