I work at Target – shoppers can now get Starbucks with their groceries but it's causing me major problems | The Sun

TREATING yourself to a Starbucks drink when you order your shopping from Target may sound appealing.

But, it’s left one staffer, known as Leila, bitterly irritated as she claims it has made her job harder.

In a TikTok clip, Target worker Leila revealed a list of Drive Up orders that had been placed -all of which contained dozens of items.

She then revealed that one customer had ordered seven items from Starbucks alongside her shopping.

Leila vented: “Boutta quit fr”, as she claimed workers “struggle daily”.

She raged: “It’s going to be literal hell for us.”

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And, the worker feared that customers will become ruder if something goes wrong with their order.

Fans sympathized at the prospect of Leila potentially dealing with rude shoppers.

One said: “I’m sorry for the rude customers. I’m personally so grateful for pickup since it makes so much easier as a mom of two little ones. Thank you.”

And, another commented: “I always feel so guilty using target pick up but it’s also been the most helpful thing with my schedule.

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“I’ll never do you dirty and order Starbucks.”

A third TikToker, who claims to be a Starbucks barista at a Target store, said: “This is my worst nightmare.”

Meanwhile, other viewers believed that it's “unnecessary” for Target customers to order a Starbucks drink when taking advantage of Drive Up.

Target fans can choose the Drive Up option when their shopping order online.

Then, Americans pick which store they want to collect their items from.

Shoppers must state that they want to collect their items via Drive Up on the app and a worker will let them know when their order is ready.

You must let workers know what car you are arriving in.

Shoppers park up in their store's Drive Up area and a worker will deliver their shopping.

Target fan Jessica Spangler has explained why customers should order a Starbucks before they start shopping.

She explained that she gets her coffee beforehand so that she can get her free refill before she leaves.

Spangler claimed you can get free refills on "hot coffee, cold brew, iced coffee, or tea," but not on any specialty drinks.

Starbucks revealed that the policy only applies at certain stores and shoppers must use the app to take advantage of the benefits.

The free refill is only valid during the same store visit, according to the coffee chain.

The Sun has approached Target for comment.

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