I work in TK Maxx’s jewellery section & customers do the oddest things – especially when seeing if our pearls are real | The Sun

A WOMAN who works in TK Maxx's jewellery section has revealed some of the strangest things her customers do.

Abbie is on hand to help customers when they look at the cut-price accessories on offer in the discount store, which is called TJ Maxx on the other side of the pond.

But she sometimes finds herself baffled by just what people will do before making a purchase.

"Things I hate about working at TJ Maxx, jewellery edition," she wrote over her TikTok video.

In the clip, she recalled one of the situations she had found herself in, when she told a customer: "Let me know if you ladies want to look at anything up close or in the cases – I'm here if you need me."

When the woman asked to look at a pearl necklace, Gabs dutifully got them out, before passing them over to the customer.

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"Are they real?" the woman asked.

With Abbie replying: "Seeing as it's only £10.50 ($12.99), I don't believe the pearls are real."

At that point, the woman bizarrely put the necklace in her mouth – moving the pearls back and forth along her teeth in an apparent method of seeing if the necklace was real or not.

After the strange moment, the woman then handed the necklace back to Abbie, saying: "Mmmm, no thank you!"

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Looking stunned, Abbie then contacted her colleagues via walkie talkie, as she said: "What's our policy about jewellery biting?"

"She was going ham on multiple necklaces," Abbie captioned her video.

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "Omg im deaddd about the biting…has someone actually done this in front of you?"

"YES I WAS LIKE WTF," Abbie replied.

"I have people that do that when they are testing pearls from GOODWILL like ma’am.. pandemic???" another commented.

"And you don’t know where that’s been!"

"OMG YES I worked there for 3 years and had this happen so many TIMES," a third wrote.

"I also had so many people get rings stuck on their fingers!"

But another argued: "That is how you test pearls".

To which Abbie replied: "There were about 50 'pearls' on the necklace for 12.99.

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"Regardless if that’s how you check, the price said it wasn’t real lol."

"Everyone commenting about how this is how you check ……… ma’am this is a tj maxx," someone else wrote.

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