If you can spot the odd one out in this picture of cougars in nine seconds you have the eyes of an apex predator | The Sun

PUT your brain to the test and think logically to complete this puzzle.

If you love "spot the difference" games, then you'll love finding the odd one out on this mind-boggling IQ test.

Put your creative thinking cap on as you attempt to complete this puzzle from Jagran Josh.

The image includes six rows and eight columns of cougars that all look the same, except for one.

If you can spot the one cougar that doesn't look like the others in just nine seconds, then you have completed the puzzle in record time.

According to the puzzle's creators, if you have an alert mind, you're more likely to spot the difference right away.

It is helpful to slowly scan each column and row to make sure you're not missing an important detail.

These fun IQ games are solved with creative thinking skills and will test your cognitive ability.

Being detail-oriented, and focusing on the features of the cougar will help you complete this puzzle.

This particular puzzle is a tricky one as each cougar looks almost identical.

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Just one has a feature that is slightly off from the others.

If you're still stuck, and can't quite figure it out, focus on the left side towards the bottom of the image.

If you think you've spotted the difference, scroll down to see the answer.

Are you calling it quits, and can't seem to spot the odd one out? Well, you have permission to scroll down too.

If you think you're ready for an even harder brainteaser, try and spot the pair of skis covered by snowflakes.

Or put your driving IQ to the test where you spot which car has its headlights on.

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