I’m 23 & trapped in an eight-year-old’s body, my parents worry only creeps want to date me but I’ve finally found a man | The Sun

A 23-YEAR-OLD woman trapped inside an eight-year-old's body has finally found a man after thinking she would only attract creeps.

Shauna Rae Lesick has been open about her unique dating struggles – but finally has a man after he slid into her DMs.

The young woman stands at just three-foot 10 – the same as an eight-year-old and weighs just 50 pounds due to a side effect of brain cancer treatment she had when she was younger.

In her TLC documentary, 'I Am Shauna Rae,' Shauna revealed her parents were concerned she would only attract creeps because of how young she looks.

"I attract creeps, a**holes, and idiots. It is scary to put myself out there, but you have to put some risk in to get happiness," Shauna added.

The show reveals the issues Shauna faces trying to live life like a normal 23-year-old.


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We see Shauna get turned away from a bar when the bartender said "we don't allow kids", being asked how old she is when attempts to get a tattoo, and even being questioned about her age when she tries to sign up for a gym.

But now, the 23-year-old has found love with her partner Dan Swygart, 26, a traveller from Wales.

Dan slid into Shauna's Instagram DMs and sent her flowers, leading their relationship to bloom.

She said: "Dan and I met through social media, and we talked for a couple months. He travels so often, so he doesn't have service everywhere he goes."

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"We kind of just got along, and we have a lot similar in our lives."

But it wasn't clear at the start whether Dan was trying his luck with Shauna or her 18-year-old half-sister Rylee. 

He visited the sisters in their hometown, Long Island, New York and spent the day at the aquarium and an escape room.

"Rylee and I were both very anxious because we didn't know what he wanted,' Shauna admitted. "He was also talking to both of us casually, so we didn't know who he was into."

The next time Dan came to visit Shauna, he came over to her house to make sushi rolls.

The young woman introduced him to her mother and stepfather, Patty and Mark Schrankel, who couldn't resist giving him the third degree.

Dan appeared visibly uncomfortable by the encounter, but was open about wanting to travel around the world with their daughter.

In the show, Shauna admitted she hadn't thought much about her and Dan's future.

She said: "I haven't actually really thought about if Dan and I were in a relationship and how that would look.

"I assume that we would probably try long distance, but I've been in a long-distance relationship. It's not my cup of tea."

Dan's visit ended with him visiting her at a charity event she was bartending for, where the couple ended the night slow dancing.

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Shauna was six-months-old when doctors found an aggressive brain tumour and went through three years of successful chemotherapy.

"My pituitary gland was rendered almost dormant because of the chemotherapy. The doctor told me I was done growing. My bones were fused, and my height is 3 feet and 10 inches" said Shauna.

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