I’m 39 and don’t wear underwear anymore – I used to think going commando was gross but there are big benefits | The Sun

A 39-YEAR-OLD woman loves going commando and refuses to wear underwear anymore.

Jessie Schneiderman (@jessieschneiderman), a lifestyle content creator, has gotten to an age where she doesn't care about what others think.

She shared in a video that she no longer wears underwear and doesn't really care what others have to say about it.

She responded to a comment a viewer made on one of her previous videos.

"Every woman in my family over the age of 40 is full-on commando and I respect them for that, I simply cannot, maybe one day," they said.

Jessie shared that when she was younger, her mother used to go commando for workouts and she used to think it was gross.

However, she's since changed her mind.

"If you've thought about going commando but aren't sure — I've got great news," she said.

"I'm 39 and literally the past two years I've been all of a sudden like, why have I been wearing underwear?

"It's actually so great not to and I just Google'd it… apparently, there's no explanation for why we wear underwear, the most common one is that people feel more secure psychologically and physically," she said, pulling up a study to back up her claims.

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She countered that there were in fact, many benefits to going commando.

"All these great things happen to your vulva when you don't," she said.

"I think that's why older women feel more comfortable when they don't because they feel more protected and secure," she concluded.

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