I’m 5’ and my man is 6’5” – it’s all fun and games until you get pregnant have to push out a giant’s baby | The Sun

ONE five-foot-tall woman has shared one problem with dating a man a whole foot and a half taller.

Balancing on your tippy toes for a kiss isn't nearly as bad as pushing out their baby.

Aidee Sanchez (@aideesanchez70) never thought what it would be like to be pregnant with her boyfriend's baby.

But the lifestyle creator had to adjust her mindset as she appeared far into her pregnancy in a recent video.

She and her boyfriend stood next to each other, with clearly different views of the camera.

Aidee wore a tight-fitting dress that accentuated her bump.

Her six-foot-five-inch tall man was positioned behind her like a body guard.

His upper body towered over her head which was in line with his nipples.

"POV: You get pregnant by someone six-foot-five, and you're five-foot," the caption read.

With a look of concern on her face, Aidee asked: "Why the hell is it that big?"

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"It's all fun and games until you realize you have to push out a giant baby."

Aidee's followers made sure she knew she wasn't alone because they had been in her shoes before.

"I'm 4'11", and I got pregnant by someone 6'3"," an honest woman admitted.

Another former pregnant woman said: "People thought I was having twins because of how big my belly was while I was pregnant (me 5'5" and my daughter's father 6'8")."

"Ouch," a concerned follower remarked.

"Okay, I may start giving the short kings a chance," one woman added.

A worried fan asked: "Is your back okay? Wishing for you to have a safe delivery."

One sweet woman noted: "Okay, but you're so cute pregnant."

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