I’m 64 – I know I’m fat but I’ll still pose in my undies, the trolls don’t bother me | The Sun

A SASSY 64-year-old woman has proudly displayed her figure in underwear.

She said she knows she's "fat," but that doesn't stop her from striking poses that leave little to the imagination.

The bold woman clapped back at trolls, by revealing that they don't bother her.

Jean Connolly (@jeanconnolly) took to TikTok in a saucy display of her physique.

In the video, she wore a pair of black panties with a lace bra on top.

The confident granny topped the look with a black blazer.

She recounted scrolling through TikTok and seeing other women get trolled for wearing her same outfit.

"Sticks and stones will break our bones but calling names won't hurt us," she said.

Jean added a piece of advice in the caption: "Bullies never win."

The video came as part of an online movement of women of all ages rocking the looks that make them feel confident.

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Many ladies are challenging ageist stereotypes about acceptable wardrobe choices.

Others are fighting back against shaming women for embracing their sexy side.

The video also touched on body positivity, by supporting people of all shapes and sizes.

Jean's TikTok touched viewers who took to the comment section to share their two cents.

"Well said," one wrote. "You're fabulous."

"Good for you," another added.

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