I’m 76 and my boyfriend is 19 – I spoil him with my money but people threaten to ‘call the police’ on us | The Sun

IT'S annoying when couples post romantic photos on social media, but people are reeling at a bizarre duo's public displays of affection.

A 76-year-old woman and her 19-year-old boyfriend have no shame – even when viewers say they'll call the cops.

At first, the photo montage posted on the couple's TikTok account (@milina_gatta) seemed normal.

Giuseppe D'anna, 19, appeared to be a sweet young man showing off gifts from his girlfriend.

But the Versace shoes and expensive sports cars D'anna shared were gifts from Milina Gatta, 76, who he is reportedly dating.

The 57-year age gap comes as a shock to many of the couple's followers.

On paper, they seem like an ideal match: they're both snappy dressers, willing to pose for the camera, and prone to elaborate displays of love.

But some commenters worry that Gatta is "buying" D'anna's love with the lavish gifts.

Snapshots from Instagram show the couple kissing in luxury hotels or posing in high-end stores.

Commenters across TikTok and Instagram are disgusted, confused, proud, or some combination of these emotions.

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"I thought that was your grandma, but when I saw y'all kissing…" one viewer wrote, trailing off into a string of eye-popping emojis.

Some commenters threatened to call the authorities. Others said it was too late.

"Woop woop," a person wrote. "That's the sound of the police."

A few saw the relationship as a savvy financial move for D'anna.

"If it gives you a profit, go for it," a fan wrote.

"It isn't love," another tried to warn Gatta. "He loves money."

Many commenters said they didn't realize the relationship was a romantic one.

"Bro, I thought it was your grandma," a man confessed.

But some insisted Gatta was D'anna's grandmother, or even his godmother, taking part in a clever ruse.

"Fake relationship," an Instagram commenter insisted. "Using granny's age to get engagement."

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One pointed out that the PDA was high in quantity, but pretty tame, and challenged the couple to step it up as "proof."

"It's not hard to walk hand-in-hand," wrote the stubborn viewer, before demanding they post a "fiery kiss with tongue."

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