I'm a bargain hunter & I put The Company Shop to the test…I got a huge haul for just £34 & even nabbed bits for only 10p | The Sun

A BARGAIN hunter took a trip to The Company Shop to see just how cheap it really is and has taken to social media to show off their whopping haul, full of cut-price items. 

Posting on TikTok under the username @shoppinghauluk1, the savvy shopper went to The Company Shop in Renfrew, Glasgow to do a food shop. 

The Company Shop is the UK’s leading redistributor of surplus food and household products.

It enables the biggest retailers and manufacturers to unlock value from surplus stock, which may have otherwise gone to waste.

You have to have a membership to shop at The Company Shop and once signed up, members can enjoy a unique way of shopping, with products from well-known brands at amazing prices, helping stretched budgets go further.

Membership is open to employees and pension recipients of the NHS, Care and Emergency Services, Prison Service, British Armed Forces, Charity and the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods supply chain.  

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Those in receipt of means tested benefits are also eligible.

The social media user shared the clip with the caption ‘Today’s Company Shop haul. All of this for £34, should have cost well over £80’ and told their followers about The Company Shop.

The user noted: “It sells surplus food from other shops at a reduced cost.

“There is certain criteria to get a membership, I was able to as I work for emergency services.” 

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The savvy shopper’s huge shop included a massive variety of meat, with multiple packs of chicken drumsticks, chicken breasts, chicken legs and even a whole roast chicken.

The shopper also nabbed smoothies, milk, onion rings and mashed potatoes too. 

Not only this, there was a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables in the haul too, with bananas, oranges and apples as well.

The shopper also got a few bags of crisps, popcorn and rice cakes, as well as yoghurts and hummus.

But that wasn’t all, as the shopper also nabbed a large selection of spice mixes, chocolate bars, sweets, cereal bars, cakes and baguettes.

The shopper then gave a closer look at the bargain buys, and confirmed that the chicken drumsticks were only 80p a pack, the chicken thighs were £1.25, the chicken breasts were £3.12 and the large whole chicken was just £3. 

The savvy spender also nabbed the yoghurts for just 30p each and juices and sauces for 50p each too. 

The bargain hunter then confirmed that the fruit and vegetables ranged from just 25p each to 90p each.

What’s more, the bags of Jelly Tots were only 50p, whilst the Mr Kipling cakes were a real bargain at just £1. 

The cheapest items in the haul were the Maggi spice packs, that cost this shopper just 10p each.

The shopper confirmed: “I went mid morning, sometimes if you go early the shelves haven't been stocked yet.” 

The social media user also explained: “All the items I bought were in date, some only had a few days whereas some have a few months.” 

The video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 71.5k views.

It has 821 likes, 47 comments and 403 shares.

Social media users loved the haul and were eager to reflect this in the comments. 

One person said: “Your haul is great.” 

Another added: “That’s a bargain.” 

A third commented: “I love your haul.” 

Meanwhile, someone else noted: “I went today and it was rubbish. It’s so hit and miss.”

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Whilst another agreed: “The Company Shop I went to was useless. Hardly anything there and what was there was expensive.” 

The TikToker then posted: “It really is just luck. Some days are better than others but I’ve always been quite lucky.”

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