I’m a boujee bargain hunter – I hit Selfridges and got some brilliant buys, including a Skims top for just £5 | The Sun

SHOPPING for designer clothes these days tends to fee unheard of.

But one woman has managed to work out a way to keep buying the expensive brands – for a fraction of the price. 

The shopper, who goes by the name of Your Boujee Budget Babe on TikTok, did a Selfridges shop for more than half the price of what it would usually cost. 

She went to the ‘last chance clearance sale’ in the Selfridges store in London and got some great bargains. 

Pulling them out of the big bright yellow bag, she got a set of pyjamas, a bikini, underwear and beauty products. 

She says: "Some of the stuff I got in the South for sale.


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“Got these pyjamas which were £138 down to £20.

“Then I got these bikinis, they were £80 bottom and £80 for the top. That’s reduced to £10 each.

“I love that bikini.

“This Skims vest for £5. 

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“Calvin Klien Knickers.

“Those knickers were £5 btw. But here are some of the health bits I also have.”

The health and beauty bits included some Collagen and a face mask.

She adds:”Yeah, some good bargains.”

The Boujee Babe has managed to gain thousands of followers as she shows them a ‘boujee life on a budget.’

Many also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “Look amazing!”

To which the Boujee Babe replied: “I had to be strict with myself. There was so much to buy!” 

She added that she managed to go back to the store and get the top to match her bikini.

Someone else wrote: “I went today but didn’t see anything that I like. 

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“All Skim's sales seemed to have all gone.” 

And Boujee Babed replied: “Oh no! I did over hear the shop assistant say people were grabbing it from her.”

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