I’m a bra fitter and always see women putting theirs on wrong – there are three ways which damage it & cost you loads | The Sun

A BRA fitter has revealed most women are putting their underwear on in completely the wrong way – and it could be costing them a fortune. 

Nicola Crook (@nicolacrookonline) helps people find the perfect bra for them online.

The American social media influencer and small business owner, who has more than 15,000 followers.

She recently shared a video explaining the top three mistakes she sees people making, before sharing the method we should be following. 

In a post captioned “The three worst ways to put on your bra and cause maximum damage," Nicola went through them one by one.

The first no-go she highlighted was what she described as the “the step-in method.”


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This is when you quite literally step into an already fastened up bra, and then pull it up your body until it reaches your chest. 

Similarly, Nicola said women should avoid the “over the head method” where they fasten up their bra and pull it down over their body. 

And lastly – and perhaps most controversially – Nicola said “the fasten at the back and spin round method” is to be avoided at all costs.

As fellow social media users said that they follow the extremely popular technique, they asked what was wrong with it.

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Nicola replied, explaining that the “spin method” can cause damage as people end up “pulling on the cups.”

This means that their bras will last for a shorter period of time, meaning they have to fork out for new underwear more often. 

Nicola then went on to share the correct method with her followers. 

She explained that you should put the straps on first by putting your arm through each one. 

Then you need to pull the cups of the bra down to make sure they’re comfortable and supported. 

Finally, fasten the bra at the back and check one last time that “all your boob tissue” is firmly in the cup.

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