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A DOG PRO has revealed the four breeds he would also recommend to families with kids – and it’s good news if you’re a fan of the retriever.

Whether or not to bring a furry friend into your home is a big enough decision, even before settling on which breed might be best.

Luckily canine behaviourist Will Atherton has revealed the four breeds he always recommends to families, due to their highly adaptable nature, and the fact they’re easy to train.

His top choices – the very popular golden and labrador retriever.

He also had high praise for the Staffordshire bull terrier and Newfoundlands.

He said: “What are the best dog breeds of all time for children?


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“Now, if you’re bringing a dog into your home and you have children, that means it’s an incredibly important decision to make sure that you’re keeping your children safe.

“As a canine behavourist, I work regularly with dogs that have assaulted and attacked children in the household, and it’s an absolute disaster which must be avoided at all costs.

“And by choosing the right breed in the first place, you can reduce the risk by a huge percentage.

“When it comes to which breeds fit that bill for me, I have to focus on the golden retriever, labrador retriever, Staffordshire bull terrier, and Newfoundland.

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“All notorious for being brilliant with children, and are incredibly easy to train and fit into a family lifestyle beautifully.”

Fans loved his honesty, with his advice gaining more than 4,700 likes and 77,500 views.

Known online as @iamwillatherton, the content creator regularly shares his expert tips for dog owners with his 857,400 followers. 

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “My golden thinks my kids are HIS babies.”

“Picking up our Newfie pup next week. Picked him specifically because of how great they are with kids. Thanks for affirming our choice,” commented another.

A third put: “Yes my golden is so gentle and calm.”

Although not all agreed and began sharing their ideas, with another adding: “Springer spaniels.. so easy to train, so submissive and loving.”

“My cane corso will protect my children over his own life,” shared someone else.

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