I'm a cheap pilates teacher… my students will use metal scraps and tyres, some say it's dangerous but it will be great | The Sun

A US-BASED pilates teacher has revealed her students will use old metal scraps and tyres at her low budget classes.

With food and energy prices now rising, almost everyone is on the lookout for ways to save money wherever possible – and Kelley Watson, from the US, is no exception.

But whereas some might limit how much Starbucks they consume or like this couple limit how many sets of new bedding they buy every year, Kelley has taken some drastic measures.

Appearing on the TLC Extreme Cheapskates, the woman, who is a pilates teacher living in a upper class Chicago suburb, revealed she wanted to pocket an extra £650 a month.

For this, she had made the decision to relocate the fitness studio to her home, where she lives with her husband, Richard.

To spend as little as possible on the DIY pilates space, Kelley set out to find the best bargains and alternatives.

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''I really don't want to spend $700 (£570) to equip my home studio, so I'm looking for a less expensive way to do it.''

Instead of a regular yoga mat, which would set her back by roughly £25 each, the penny pincher managed to get an alternative for just under £7.

Those who've ever been to pilates know that the class often involves training your core strength and balance – and for this, Kelley had decided to grab some metal wheels that were meant to go to a scrapyard.

Armed with new equipment, which also saw piles of rubber tubes, the instructor then welcomed her students for a class.

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But albeit a little shocked to see wheels for orbits and plastic bottles filled with water for weights, the group of women followed the instructions and had an intense pilates session.

''I think everybody had a great time and they got a really good workout,'' Kelley was convinced.

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''I think the equipment was really effective.''

But whilst the teacher might've thought the class was a success, Kelley was slammed by viewers who were concerned about the clients' safety.

''Those bike wheels are EXTREMELY dangerous. You will KILL someone if they lose grip accidentally and fall on the peg sticking out of it.

''Let's say 100 pounds falling from 1.5 feet, on a surface area the size of a pen, it will go through their chest and kill them,'' commented one person.

Another agreed, writing: ''So if I fall that damn thing is piercing straight into my heart.

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''This is why I don't exercise. It's fatal.''

Someone else joined in and said: ''Wait till somebody gets injured and files a lawsuit; then she'll really be pinching pennies!''

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