I’m a child expert and I never send my crying kids to their room – here's why you shouldn't either

SOMETIMES, when parents weren't allowed to deal with their own emotions as kids, they tend to pass that on to their little old ones.

Well, a child expert revealed you shouldn't really ignore your children when they're crying.

Marcella Collier, who practices gentle parenting, shared a video where she reenacted a situation between parents and kids.

In the TikTok video, the mom sent their kid to their room, saying: "You're crying too much, go to your room and you can come out when you've calmed down."

In their room, the child is then seen lying in bed and believing that they need to shut down emotionally so people still like them and want to be around them.

Sadly, simply because a parent doesn't want to deal with their crying children does not mean they should brush them off.

Once the child grows up, they've learned to be emotionally unavailable, especially to those who need it the most.

In this case, not only does the emotionally repressed person suffers but their future partner and kids do too because they can't connect with them.

This repression of emotions also causes a person to find solace in their work to not deal with what they're feeling and will avoid hard conversations, simply because they don't know how to deal with them.

Many people took to the comment section to confirm that this had happened to them when they were kids.

One person wrote: "I have such a bad temper as a result of childhood trauma. I get overwhelmed easily and tend to yell a lot."

A second one added: "My mom did this when I was younger and it caused me a lot of issues with not being able to open up."

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