I'm a chubby cheerleader – people say I won't fit into my tight uniform but I prove them wrong | The Sun

A SELF-DESCRIBED "chubby cheerleader" has plenty of team spirit to go around.

She also has attitude, and when people said she wouldn't fit into her skin-tight uniform, she proved naysayers wrong.

Zoey is a digital content creator and cheerleader who posts under the handle @cutegreekgeek on TikTok.

She took to the social media app to share the commentary she receives from haters as well as her striking response.

Zoey revealed that due to her "chubby" frame, people don't believe that she can fit into her cheerleading uniform.

Regarding her tiny uniform, classmates previously told Zoey that there's "no way you're fitting into that."

The Greek beauty decided to prove the haters wrong and give a real-life demonstration.

She pulled out a red, white, and black uniform with a crop top and pleated mini skirt.

The influencer stunned viewers when she showed how the minuscule set fit her figure like a glove.

Zoey had some choice words to taunt her bullies and give them a taste of their own medicine: "I told you sooooo."

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Viewers, stunned by Zoey's cheerleading uniform try-on, reassured her of her beauty.

"You look good in everything you wear," a fan commented.

The influencer previously shared her own insecurities in a more vulnerable clip posted to her TikTok.

She asked viewers if they'd give her a chance even if her body type is not the mainstream.

"Would you give me a chance even though I'm a bit chubby?" she inquired.

Fans of Zoey's unique look expressed their two cents in the comment section.

"Chance to what? Be my wife? Sure," one admirer commented.

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