I'm a cleaning whizz & my 55p hack gets EVERYTHING spotless…I use it all over my house & it makes my grim patio look new | The Sun

CLEANING whizz Laura Mountford has revealed her 55p secret to getting everything spotless – including things inside and outside her home.

Known on social media as @lauracleanaholic, Laura has amassed an impressive 522k followers on Instagram, where she regularly shares her cleaning tips and tricks.

In one video, Laura revealed her hack to getting her home looking and smelling fresh and it might come as a surprise to you.

Cleaning fan Laura explained that she swears by using washing-up liquid to get rid of dirt and grime, in and around her home.

She said: “Sometimes all you need is the washing up liquid!

“Washing up liquid is such a versatile cleaner and can be used for so much more around your home than just scrubbing dirty dishes.

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“Here are some top tips for cleaning using washing up liquid: cleaning showers and baths, mopping patio tiles, cleaning windows and unblocking toilets.”

In Laura’s clip, she demonstrates how she uses washing-up liquid.

First of all she uses it to get her shower sparkling – as she applies some to the foot of her shower and uses a long brush to rub it in. 

She then rinses down the shower with water, revealing the now sparkling floor.

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Another way that Laura uses washing-up liquid might leave you open-mouthed, but it is actually to mop her patio tiles.

She mixes some washing-up liquid with warm water and uses a mop to clean her grubby patio.

After this, Laura adds washing-up liquid to a Dishmatic washing up brush and uses the brush to clean her windows.

And finally, Laura applies a generous amount of washing-up liquid to her toilet and uses a toilet brush to not only unblock her loo, but get it sparkling too. 

Laura’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up 59,822 likes. 

One person said: “I always think if I had to only pick 2 cleaning products for the rest of my life I'd have washing up liquid and bleach 🙌” 

Another added: “Possibly the best product ever. Put it into spray bottles for all purpose cleaner 🔥”

A third commented: “You know I love a washing up liquid! You can literally clean your whole house with it 🥰”

Whilst someone else posted: “Fairy liquid is life.”

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Meanwhile, another noted: “Never thought about using it to clean the toilets, definitely going to give this a go 😊”

If you fancy giving any of these hacks a try, you can pick up a bottle of washing-up liquid for as little as 55p from Tesco.

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