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THERE’S few things grosser than a mouldy bathroom, but given it’s such a damp area, it can sometimes feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle. 

But one cleaning whizz has weighed in with their quick five-minute routine that they claim banishes mould growth for good.

Tracy is a mum-of-three who regularly shares her hacks for keeping homes tidy and organising your place with her 116k followers on her account @NonStopMumma.

And in a recent clip that racked up thousands of likes, she shared her nifty tips to stop mildew developing in your shower. 

Filming herself carrying out her routine, she first advises that viewers ought to move things off their shower floor regularly. 

Conditioner bottles, sponges and the like “hold moisture and water” which contributes to mould growing, so you’re better off opting for a shelf that sticks to the wall if you can. 

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Her second recommendation is to squeegee or wipe down your shower over use. 

“This not only helps prevent soap scum/ hard water build up,” she explains; it also helps prevent moisture sitting in the shower and creating a breeding ground for fungus. 

The cleaning buff’s next suggestion is to use a homemade mould-prevention spray, which she uses “weekly after a shower clean” and lets it dry in the shower. 

The mixture comprises a cup of vinegar which helps rid mould spores, 20 drops of tea tree which prevents them returning, 20 drops of anti-fungal clove oil and 20 drops of oregano oil. 

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Tracy suggests you should spray it on any mould and leave it to soak in for 20 minutes, before scrubbing and rinsing. 

Just “make sure you have ventilation”, she added, because the smell can be quite pungent. 

Her final pointer is to ensure ventilation is as good as possible, because “mould thrives in an area where humidity and moisture is”. 

She suggests that mould and bleach sprays can be “handy if you have an overwhelming amount of mould and need to tackle [it] ASAP”. 

“But for your surfaces it’s actually caustic and eats away the sealer of the grout therefore causing more mould growth,” she clarifies. 

And judging by Tracy’s spotless bathroom that she demonstrated on in her clip, her method is a pretty effective fungi-busting method. 

It’s always important to tackle mould quickly should it appear: it can trigger nasal congestion, wheezing and respiratory infections, and it’s known to worsen asthma and some allergies. 

Try the method above, and if the problem persists, there’s specialised removal services you can opt for instead. 

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