I’m a country girl – men all have the same excuses for not wanting to date me, but really they’re intimidated | The Sun

A COUNTRY girl from Oregon is calling out all the men who can’t take a confident, kickass woman.

TikToker Kenzie isn’t for changing and won’t be taking prisoners anytime soon when it comes to dating.

In a new video, she reveals how she's sick of dating men who want her to be compliant, quiet and demure.

Her sassy, unrepentant video is appealing to the many, with over 70k likes so far.

Leaning on her kitchen counter, Kenzie sips from a can and stares directly into the camera with lots of attitude – and makes her stance clear.

“Guys don’t like manly girls,” she captions her video, highlighting excuses she's had from men about why they don't want to date her.

In the past, she's also been called "a cocky bitch" and told "you just like attention".

Well, pay attention guys, because Kenzie won't change for any man.

She believes what they are really saying is: “You’re out of my league and I’m intimidated by your confidence.”

Kenzie has struck a chord with many, men and women, who like what this country girl is saying. 

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“Story of my life,” said one weary comment.

While another said: “Preach it girl,” followed by another, who said, “Amen sis.”

Some wise words from another: “Once you find a real man, he realizes that he can have a wife and a best friend in one.”

Worth hanging around for the right one, said one: “Just got to find the one worthy of your time.”

Pay attention said another: "Strong women only intimate weak men."

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